About Pastor Cook
Jerry Cook has touched the hearts and souls of thousands with his message of God's love for all people.  Now as Pastor Cook experiences the beginning of his first year in South Arkansas, based in Fordyce, the city of his birth, he comes with a life story of tremendous experience and insight.  He has ministered to twelve churches either to have pastored, or founded and pastored, each posting being one of significant accomplishment.  His ministry has stretched over forty years from rural congregations to our Nation's largest cities.
His vision is still great because he continually believes the power of God has not diminished.  He is practical, down to earth, and he can never be accused of feeling superior to any other human being. His greatest desire is to maintain the integrity that has diminished so many in their ministry through scandal.  He hopes to write his auto-biography, sharing the experience of small town Arkansas and the booming metropolises of Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, and Seattle.  When Reverend Cook is speaking, whether before thousands or a few:  It is always with great conviction and authority; always with love, humility, warmth, and candor; and always with the resounding words "but my Bible says."
A pioneer in social issues; he has always refused to preach to segregated congregations.  He has fought for diversity in the church; believing women and gays should have the same rights in the Church as their heterosexual male counterparts.  He reflects constantly on his personal struggles and never shies from the plain spoken immediacy of his private life.  Because of what he could not share in his early ministry concerning his sexual orientation, he is blatantly transparent in the post period, almost to a fault. Reverend Cook will not shy away from his joys and struggles in his spiritual journey, nor of his profound commitment to the church and his family.
My friend is an inspiring man of God who will continue to influence in the future as he has in the past.
-- Tom Porter